Oh, you know, just some hobbies.

In no particular order, here are a few of my hobbies.

  1. cooking/bartending
  2. film (especially foreign)
  3. listening to music (and sometimes poorly playing the guitar)
  4. ANYTHING science related
  5. MirandaSings08, PsychoSoprano, and JoshuaDTV on youtube. literally, the greatest people I’ve ever seen/ had the pleasure of meeting multiple times (we’re facebook & twitter friends, jealously is inevatible)

Now that you know me a little better, we can be friends.


a little intro…

I’m Kate. I’m currently a biology major/classics minor at MSU; one day I want to teach high school biology or maybe even chemistry. I am forever a hopeless Mets fan (I know, a total waste of my time). I dig good films – NOT “Twilight” or “Never Say Never,” I like real movies- you know, the ones directed by Alfred  Hitchcock (hence the “vertigo” theme on this blog), Ingmar Bergman, Wes Anderson, ect. I have a real knack for cooking and bartending – it’s, like, what I do sometimes for fun.  I have a weird sense of humor and I overuse parenthesis. This was created for the purposes of a computer science class…but who knows, it may actually become a “thing” I do. Probably not though.